3 Year LL.B. Course

Course of Study

The teaching and instructions shall be in accordance with the Bar Council of India Rules. The candidates admitted to the course shall pursue the courses of study.

Duration of the Course

The duration of the course leading to the Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B.) shall be of three academic Year. Each academic year comprises of 2 semesters

Each Semester shall consist of 18 Weeks. The papers and the syllabus are given after admission.

The subjects of study prescribed for the course shall be as under:

01  Semester

  • Constitutional Law -I
  • Contract–I
  • Law of Torts
  • Family Law–I: Hindu Law
  • Criminal Law–I: Indian Penal Code
  • English (For those who write examination in Kannada)

02 Semester

  • Constitutional Law–II
  • Contract–II
  • Labour Law–I
  • Property Law
  • Family Law–II: Mohemmadan Law & Indian Succession Act
  • Kannada / Kannada Kali ( For non- Kannadiga students)

03 Semester

  • Jurisprudence
  • Labour Law-II
  • Law of Taxation
  • Criminal Law-II: Cr. P.C., JJ Act & Probation of Offenders Act
  • Administrative Law

04  Semester

  • Public International Law
  • Optional–I: Human Rights Law & Practice/ Insurance Law
  • Optional Law-II: Banking Law / Right to Information
  • Clinical Course-I: Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System
  • Clinical Course-II: Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems

05 Semester

  • Company Law
  • Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act
  • Optional-III: Intellectual Property Rights-I/Penology & Victimology
  • Optional-IV: Interpretation of Statues &Principles of Legislation/Competition Law
  • Clinical Course-III: Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance

06  Semester

  • Law of Evidence
  • Environmental Law
  • Optional-V: Intellectual Property Rights-II/White Collar Crimes
  • Optional-IV: Land Law/Law relating to International Trade Economics
  • Clinical Course-IV: Moot Court Exercise and Internship

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