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Emerging trends in Legal education call for value addition i.e. students must acquire something more than what is provided in the curriculum. The college offers numerous value added courses which are designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The various Value Added Courses offered by the our departments are as follows:

Working On practical cases:(Legal Camp)

Students in Group of 4-5 will be sent to nearby areas and they will look for an individual/family that is aggrieved by any civil wrong or crime or injustice caused due to indigent or illiteracy. Students with the help of seniors, faculties, experts will work on such cases and try to dispose of them with efficiency. This will serve two objectives, One: The aggrieved/needy will get justice without paying hefty amounts, Second: Students will get practical exposure.

Recent cases, Updates, News

Twice a week updates will be given to students regarding recent cases, bills, amendments, legal news and other legal updates.

Special sessions

Special sessions will be organized on important/landmark topics or judgments by eminent personalities in the legal profession.

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ODD Semesters of 3 years LLB & 5 year BCOM LLB FOR THE YEAR 2023-24


Faculty Details

Moon Moon

Designation- Assistant Professor Department- Law


Vice President


Designation- Assistant Professor Department- Law

Anusha M J

Assistant Professor

Joshua Thomas VJ

Assistant Professor


Vice President

Message from Office of the President

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

He was a post graduate in law and Research Scholar of University Law College, Bangalore University and started working as assistant professor of law since 2005. He was appointed as Assistant Professor in School of Law Alliance University on dated 5-8-2016. Presently he is Pursuing Ph.D. Course in Law on the topic titled “Socio-Legal Study of Application of National and International Laws in Garment Industries with Reference to Women Garment Workers in Bengaluru City” under the valuable guidance of Sri. N.Dasharath, Professor, University Law College & P. G Dept. of Studies & Research in Law, Bangalore University, Bengaluru. He has proved himself as an Academician and as a constant researcher



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